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My rant on the FDA regulations.

Sorry not Sorry ^-^

 Okay, hey guys.

HQ here.
I am going to rant a bit, so this is the disclaimer here: I am ranting.
I am highly pissed off about the FDA regulations that are trying to be passed for vaping.
Nicotine is not a tobacco product. Nicotine is in tomatoes, apples, eggplants, cauliflower, and potatoes.
So, if the new regulations come out, they are going to say that anything with nicotine is a tobacco product. That is simply IDIOTIC!
FDA is mad because the big tobacco companies and states are loosing money. Not only that but, if people are getting off cigarettes, then they will not have those same people coming into hospitals with cancer. Another outlet for money.
Nicotine is a natural product. It is no different than someone growing lavender and making tea with it. Nicotine has medicinal properties, for example, the calming effect you get when you do smoke a cigarette. All nicotine does is constrict blood vessels.
You want to tell me that, anything with nicotine is a tobacco product, then I am going to need you to ban all the above fruits and vegetables.
The tobacco companies are being run by money, and that is a ridiculous reason to  try to regulate something that is actually helping people.
I am so done with the idea that people care more about money than about people.
Batteries are not a tobacco product.
Cotton is not a tobacco product.
Wire is not a tobacco product.
Coils, tanks, flavored nicotine, box mods are NOT tobacco products.

Tobacco products are things that have tobacco in them, not nicotine.
YES! I want regulations so that minors cannot get a hold of these products.
NO! I do NOT want regulations to take vaping away.
WHY?  Because, if vaping is taken away, there will be THOUSANDS of people who will go back to cigarettes. That fact absolutely sickens me to the core.
IF the regulations go through I will hate America for the rest of my life. We were founded on freedom and helping each other. Why are we not doing that now?

Now, with all of that, there is a petition out right now for the FDA regulations. The link is here –>

I urge you to sign the petition. For the sake of all that is sane.

Happy vaping!:)


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Kevin Pierce Kevin Pierce
27/14/15 02:11:00
Preach it sister!!