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Sub tank, hybrid, compact. Seriously?

Today, we're looking at the Nebox from Kanger.

So, Kanger is trying hard to change my mind about sub tanks.

Frankly, they are doing a good job of it too. First, there was the Subox, which I reviewed a few weeks ago; a huge leap forward in sub-ohm tank design. Now, Kanger has released the Nebox and changed everything. Again.

Many of the features that made the Subox a game changer have been improved and refined with the Nebox.

  • Compact design

  • Good airflow

  • Solid construction

  • Simple use

  • Good battery life

The Nebox is the first self-contained unit to offer sub-ohm vaping with a tank. Kanger's approach is both creative and functional. Rather than following the industry standard design of a tank sitting atop a power supply, they opted for a side by side design. This results in a very short device while keeping the width down to something that still feels comfortable in the hand.

That's really the amazing thing here; you'll hardly believe such a tiny device could pack the power of the Nebox. You get 60 watts maximum power, as well as temperature control.

Then there's the tank. You're not going to believe this tank. Are you sitting down? ok. It's a 10ml tank. That's right. 10ml. not only do you get a 60w self-contained device that will fit in your shirt pocket; you get a 10ml tank.

This is seriously an all-day device. Your average vaper will take this thing off the charger in the morning (that's right, it has pass-through charging too), fill the tank with their favorite Badger Juice, and head ou the door to face their day. That's it. No spare batteries, no backup bottle of juice; just this little wonder of the modern age.

The Breakdown

That's enough ranting and raving. Let's get down to the details.

The Specs

  • All in one design
  • Temperature Control (Ni200 coils or Titanium Coils)
  • 10ML capacity
  • New SSOCC 0.5 ohm OCC Coils
  • New Nickel SSOCC 0.15 ohm OCC Coils
  • Build your own coils with the included Mini RBA Plus deck or use pre-made coils
  • SSOCC Coils are a thinner cylindrical vertical coil. They work and taste exactly the same as the square Subtank Coils.
  • Compatible with Kanger Subtank OCC Coils
  • Output 60W
  • Removable Delrin drip tip
  • high amp 18650 battery (removable and sold separately)
  • Micro USB charge port

The Good

Compact design

The Nebox is smaller than a pack of cigarettes, and you don't even need a lighter. It's lightweight and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.


Your spare Subox coils are welcome here. Even your aftermarket coils.

The Nebox comes with the exact same rebuildable deck as the Subox, and it works just as well.

For all intents and purposes, the Nebox coil is identical in function to the Subox.


Good airflow and smooth wicking mean no dry hits and thick flavorful clouds. Your favorite flavors will come alive with the Nebox.

I've been running mine at about 40 watts with the kanthal coil that came with it for about a week, and I still get a nice warm vape consistently.


I can't say enough about the Nebox's 10ml tank. It's just such a delight not constantly keep one eye on your juice level for fear of burning a coil. You fill this tank through a knurled cap on the bottom, so it's easy to fill without any tools or trying to carefully inject juice through a tiny opening. As a matter of fact, I normally skip the dropper, and simply pour the juice in. The clear window on the side of the tank makes it easy to see what you're doing, and avoid over filling.

Then there's the battery. If you have regular access to a micro USB cord for charging throughout the day, you may never change the battery. Likewise, many casual vapers will be able to get through an entire day on a single charge.

For heavy vapers, you may find that you need a battery change at some point. Still no big deal, since you're probably used to keeping a couple 18650s handy from your old mech mod days.

The Bad

There is one request I'd make to Kanger's next design. I'd like to see easier access to the battery. In the Subox, it was super simple with the magnetic door. But with the Nebox, you get to the battery through a recessed cap in the base, You are not going to get this cap open without a coin or flat head screwdriver, and the first time I needed to change the battery I was out and about and spent a frustrating few minutes trying to hunt down a quarter. I doubt this will be much of an issue for most people, but it would be nice to see something a little more convenient.

At the risk of nit-picking, I wish the drip tip was a little longer. I'm not used to the short, squat profile of the Nebox, and I sometimes feel like I'm sticking the whole thing in my face. if the drip tip were 1/4 inch longer, I think it would make for a more comfortable vape. But, of course, there are a million drip tips out there, and any standard 510 will fit the Nebox.

The Take Away

If I have not made it abundantly clear, Get one of these. Buy two. Hell, buy a dozen and give them out as Christmas gifts. You will not be disappointed, and your friends and family will love you.

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