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Just a small tutorial on how to build properly on an RDA... 

WITHOUT blowing your face off..... tee hee

Hey, Guys! HQ here!

I just wanted to give you all some tips on how to build properly on an RDA.

  1. Check your device. Make sure you know how low of a resistance your device can handle. You can do this as easily as looking up the specs on your device. GOOGLE IT!!
  2. Find an RDA that you can work well with. I personally like four posts a wide chuff and PLENTY of airflow.
  3. Find the wire that you will need. Titanium or Nickel for temperature control builds. A-1 Kanthal for wattage builds.
  4. Make sure you have all the tools you need before you build. Tweezers, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers, ohm reader and or calculator. My favorite app is the build calculator on vaporcafeshop.com. It will let you calculate the size and number of wraps to reach your desired resistance, let you estimate the resistance of your existing coils, and help you calculate the safe range for your batteries.
  6. Wick with your favorite cotton. Try not to use too much cotton for the size of your coils. Don't use too little either. You should be able to thread the wicks and have just a wee bit of resistance when you tug on it.
  7. Snip the ends of the wicks to fit the RDA.
  8. Curl the ends of the wicks into the RDA. Make sure you leave enough space under the coils to allow for airflow. You don’t want to burn your cotton and that will happen if you put too much cotton under the coils, or too much into the coils.
  9. Juice that baby up! Start low and fire without vaping. Pulse the fire button and blow the vapor away. Once the wicks are pretty dry, re-drip and start vaping!

    You don’t ever really have to change your coils, just clean them when you re-wick. The way you do that is by taking out the cotton for re-wicking and grab yourself a cup of water. Get those coils red hot and dip just your RDA in the water. That will get them looking like new. Pulse the fire button to get the excess water of and then re-wick!
    Happy Vaping!

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