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Let's look at yet another sub-ohm tank kit

Honestly, I have been slow to embrace the sub-ohm tank mania. I've tried several models over the past year, and have never been too impressed with their performance. Granted, they work better than the bad old protank days; but I've yet to find a subtank that could compete with the satisfaction I get from an RDA.

But then I got my hands on the Kanger SUBOX Mini.

I've had this bad boy for about six weeks now, and I find myself using it every day. It's become my go-to device convenient indoor vaping. For a low powered, compact device, you can't beat the flavor production and consistency.

Rather than raving on about it, let's dive straight into the good and the bad.



I couldn't believe they fit so much in such a small package. This thing is compact and lightweight without feeling flimsy or cheap.

The all metal body is solid and resilient. It has a very satisfying feel in the hand.


The Subox kit is just downright pretty. Solid matte colors, clean lines, and simple buttons. It's an elegant, and classy design.


At 50 watts, the Subox will more than handle the subtank with any coil you choose.

I started with the included .2 Ω coil and found that I got a nice, rich, warm vape at about 32 watts. It's a hard hitting little device with no notable ramp up time.


Like I said, I started out with the .2Ω coil that comes with the kit and was not disappointed. I had no problems with dry hits or flooding. The coil lasted just over a week, which is a bit better than I normally get out of sub ohm coils.

Then, I decided to take the rebuildable deck for a spin. I've never had a rebuildable coil that worked well. But the Kanger Subox rebuildable coil was easy to work with, and I had a .3 build with 26 gauge kanthal built, mounted, wicked, and vaping in about 10 minutes. The deck is wide open, giving you plenty of room to build and wick.When you're done, you just slide the cap over the coil and tighten it down with a screw. It made it super easy to get just the right amount of cotton, rather than having to fiddle with a space too small for tweezers.



It's hard to come up with much to complain about the SUBOX.

It's not the most powerful device out there. Its max is 50 watts, and in my experience, anything over 36 watts is going to burn your coil.

The airflow is a bit tight for a sub-ohm tank. This is the primary reason you don't want to go higher than around 34 watts.

You're not going to chuck clouds, or get big, satisfying lung hits out this thing.

But, then again, that's not what it's made for.



Nothing much to report here. About all I can say is that I wish the glass were a bit thicker on the tank, as it feels a little fragile. I'm pretty rough on my devices, and after almost a month of use, There is a small chip at the top of my tank. It's isn't sharp, it doesn't cause any leakage,and it doesn't seem to be growing. But it's there.

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