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 The story of how Chris became FrankenVape.

Hey, Guys!

I asked one of my co-workers for his vaping success story, so I could share it with you all.

So, here is Chris’ vaping story:


I started vaping in around 2011, back long before Ego even existed. All you really had, was a little battery, that hardly held any charge, and you had to drop into a cartomizer. That, coupled with high nicotine juice, actually did help me get the cigarettes. Unfortunately, because they didn’t work very well, I was only off of them for a couple of months.

We experienced a death in the family, which caused me to pick up smoking once again.

After all that, I did try to get back into vaping, once more the technology just wasn’t there. So it did not work for me the second go around. Thus leading to my wife and I became smokers once again.

In February 2013, we were both extremely sick. I’m so skeptical that it took my wife a fair amount of convincing, but we finally got back into vaping.

We started with and ego twist set up, and again coupled with high nicotine. Seven days later, I had officially put down the cigarettes and decided to go full tilt with vaping. I noticed my cravings were no longer in the back of my head nagging me. That was when I knew I was hooked on vaping.


About two weeks in I started getting the health benefits of vaping, including breathing, tasting, smelling, all were a hell of a lot better.

Because I have seen the health benefits from it, I have been a vaper since.


Now, I love the hobby side of the industry. Taking things apart and making them completely unique, and different. What came of that was, I was able to create builds, and tanks that fit me personally. Producing more flavor, more vapor, which was, and is what I had been wanting.


Over my experience, I have come to learn a few helpful tips that I give to new vapors every day:

*Be Patient

You have to find the right device, flavor, ohm level, etc. to fit you.

*Do your research

Don’t just go by our word, check it out yourself! That is really the only way you are going to believe it.

*Give it a fair chance

You gave the cigarettes a fair chance, so why not vaping?


Keep vaping, and rock on!


~Chris AKA FrankenVape

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