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Today's review is a double hitter.

We're looking at the Mini Volt from Council of Vapor, and the Haze dripper tank by VapeHead Origins.

What's with the dual review?

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While these two products are from different manufacturers and are not offered as a kit, I felt I had to review them as a pair. They just go together like peanut butter and jelly. Just take a look at this combo (Batman and spork for scale).


Council_of_Vapor_-_Mini_Volt_3Now, are you ready for the real kicker? This whole setup is just shy of four inches tall. That's right, a sub ohm rebuildable setup that's under four inches tall. That's a 2 1/8 inch battery, with a 1 3/4 inch dripper tank.

Fair warning

Let's get this out of the way up front. This is not an all day setup. If you are looking for a primary device to get you through the average day on a single charge, this is not the setup you are looking for. The Mini Volt has a 1300 mah internal battery. With 40 watts of power driving any build down to .1Ω, 1300 mah is going to get two to three hours of regular use at best.

If you spend most of your day at a desk, or in a vehicle, where you have constant access to a charging cable, you could probably make that work. But for the average user, this is definitely a secondary device.

But that's OK

It's going to be the most fun secondary setup in your collection.

The basics

The Mini Volt has a faux carbon fiber shell, with a nice, rubber finish oposite the fire button. It makes it very easy to hold in the hand, despite its diminutive size.

It's a 1300 mah internal battery. You charge through a micro USB port on the bottom.

It offers up to 40 watts of power, and will fire down to .1Ω, but the manufacturer recommends staying at or above .8Ω for the sake of battery life. This may not seem like much, but at this size, and with the right build, .8Ω can deliver a pleasing vape.

The Haze dripper tank from VapeHead Origins is not technically a mini RDA, but given that it's not much bigger than most RDAs, and includes a tank, I'm going to call it a mini in a class of its own.

What's a rebuildable dripper tank?

Haze_dripper_tank1_largeSo, we've got drippers, we have tanks, and we have genesis tanks. What's a dripper tank?

Think of it as a cross between an RDA and a genesis tank. If you've been around long enough, you've probably seen a genesis tank. These were rebuildable tanks with the coil sitting on top of the tank. They were generally single vertical coil builds with the wick running through a hole in the top of the deck. They relied on capillary action to deliver juice to the coil. As you may imagine, with the rising popularity of sub ohm vaping, they could not deliver enough juice to the coil to cope with the heat. Genesis tanks were notorious for dry hits, and hot spots. But when they worked, they produced some of the purest flavor and richest clouds. Unfortunately, they didn't work for long, and almost never at low ohms.

So how is this better?

Like a genesis tank, the dripper tank has a build deck on top of a tank. But instead of a single wick hole, and a sealed fill hole like the genesis tank, the dripper tank has two wick holes and an open fill port. That means that we are not reliant on pressure differential and capillary action to feed juice to our coil. The simple act of tilting the tank will saturate your wick thoroughly. Some people call this setup an auto dripper since it's essentially dripping juice onto the wick.

At this point, I'm sure you're thinking, "But Kevin, what about leaking?!" Well, I've not had any more issue with leaking from the Haze dripper tank than I normally experience with an RDA. Sure, you get a drop here or there, and it's a little juicier than a good tank. But overall, it's not a problem.

As for dry hits? I've yet to have one.

Tank Capacity

Let's be realistic; this is a 1.5 ml tank. It's not like a sub tank, where you can fill up and leave your juice at home. But it does mean that you can go 30 minutes without having to refill. This is perfect for driving. We've all driven four blocks with a bone dry RDA, praying for a red light so we could drip.

The build

20160118_094858I chose a 24g single coil at 3.5mm ID and 10 wraps. It came out to .9Ω and seems to be ideal for this setup. It keeps me far enough away from the .8Ω the manufacturer recommends for battery life (it will fire down to .2Ω, but your battery life would be laughable), but still produces plenty of heat at 40 watts.

After years of sub-ohm vaping, I was surprised at what a satisfying vape I could get at .9Ω.

Haze-Dripper-Tank-2The Haze dripper tank has four post holes, and the plastic fill cover can be removed to allow for dual coil builds. But frankly, I haven't seen a good reason to even try this configuration. A .9Ω, single coils has worked nicely. Besides, there's only one airflow slit in the cap, and a second coil would add more heat than vapor. The Haze is definitely designed with single coil configuration in mind, and I've been perfectly happy with that.


Remember what I said about genesis tanks and flavor? The Haze dripper tank nails it. You get a clear, pure flavor with a rich cloud.


Obviously, nobody is chosing a setup like this to win cloud competitions. But I was pleasantly surprised by the output. It delivers a satisfyingly thick cloud of vapor you would not expect from such a tiny device.

Let's wrap it up

The good

You get great flavor and solid vapor out of a device the size of a pocket lighter. It makes a great conversation piece, and will be something you really enjoy vaping.

The bad

Battery life is not your friend. The charge on the Mini Volt is laughably small. Do not take this thing out as your primary device, as you will find yourself desperately looking for a charge.

Also, don't fall into the trap of thinking that since you have a tank, you don't need to carry a juice bottle. This is a tank in name only. You will be refilling the Haze often.

The ugly

Battery life. I love this little guy, but it's really hard to get past just how short a charge lasts.

My take away

I'm definitely happy with this setup and confidently recommend it. It's just important to remember the limitations of such a small device, and accept them as the price you pay for such a unique, fun setup.


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